Mens et Manus: Performance and concert


Saturday May 28, from 4pm
Free entrance, the bar is open


Saturday May 28th two of the artists participating in Mens et Manus will be performing at Skånes konstförening:

Sarah Browne: The Speaking Hand  (start ca 4.30pm, ca 40 min)
Sarah Browne will present a performative lecture referring to her work in the exhibition, The Invisible Limb, and the labour of communicating tactile knowledge. This lecture departs from the premise that hands and the knowledge they possess, the intelligence that they practice, tend to be silent. Giving voice through processes of quotation and repetition (of other artists such as Yvonne Rainer, Mierle Laderman Ukeles and Charlotte Posenenske) the lecture will explore a process of feminist ventriloquism as a form of knowledge transmission.


Peter Kädergård: Danielski & Rittowski (Daniel Wendler och Peter Kädergård) (start ca 6pm, ca 40 minuter)
Danielski & Rittowski invites us to an eclectic sound journey through the analog modular world. A journey of discovery where patch cables, control voltage and triggering pulses interconnects modular systems in an auditory exploration. Danielski & Rittowski creates sounds and rhythms that get forgotten muscles to twitch.


Sarah Browne is an artist based in Ireland. Her research-based practice investigates the materiality of knowledge, attending to the intersection of invisible structures of power with bodily experience. This sculptural practice includes writing, publishing, performance and public projects, encountered both within and outside gallery environments, as well as extensive collaboration.

Peter Kädergård works with mixed media installation, video and collage. He is based in Helsingborg and Gothenburg. Kädergård works with the experiences of Western popular culture; and how imagination can be reconsidered though its reconstruction. Kädergård’s art often lingers between the non-functioning and complete failure. His collage-based method often results in kinetic art: moving, reverberating, mechanical sculptures, which together constitute a surreal imagery, turning low tech into high tech and vice versa.