Skånes konstförening is a contemporary art space for exhibitions, events, and pedagogy in the Södra Sofielund neighbourhood in Malmö, Sweden. Through projects and collaborations, we reach out to other parts of the city and the region.

The association's program is interlaced through three different program threads. The first one is our curated exhibition program. The second one is our events, such as talks, releases, concerts, dance, and performance hosted by ourselves or in collaboration with other individuals or organizations. The third thread is the association’s pedagogical and neighborhood-oriented projects with focus on engagement and collaboration with the public living and working in our local area. In addition, Skånes konstförening gives an annual exhibition grant to a young artist in Skåne through the Sven and Ellida Hjort Memorial Fund.

With the program, Skånes konstförening is creating a meeting place where we, together with artists, cultural workers, participants, and audiences, explores relevant artistic and social questions – within and beyond the art field.

Skånes konstförening was founded in 1904 and is run as a non-profit art association. The daily work is carried out by the regular staff made up by a director, curator, coordinator, hosts, and technician employed by Skånes konstförening’s board. The organization is financed through annual support from The Swedish Arts Council, Region Skåne, Malmö Stad, and ABF.


Skånes konstförening welcomes members! A membership costs SEK 50 per year. As a member, you will be invited to our openings and events and have the opportunity to participate in the annual meeting. Become a member by sending an e-mail to .


Design: Vendela Wetterström
UX: Chuva Featherstone
Coding: Inka Interaktive, Malmö


Parts of Skånes konstförenings can be found at Skånes Arkivförbund in Lund.


Skånes konstförening's exhibitions and programs are financed through annual support from The Swedish Arts Council, Region Skåne, Malmö Stad, and ABF.

Opening hours

Wed–Fri: 13–17
Sat–Sun: 13–16


Skånes konstförening
Bragegatan 15
214 30 Malmö

Tel: 040 10 33 80


Albin Hillervik

C. Grace Chang

Janneke Schoene
Coordinator & Communicator

Maya Nagano Holm
Exhibition and Program Coordinator

Tawanda Appiah
Curator for
To Where Are We Beautifully Going

Linus Svensson


Skånes konstförening's board 2022:

Jon Aagaard Gao
Lena Bergendahl (cashier)
Andrés Díaz García
Khamlane Halsackda
Sixten Hatfield (vice chair)
Jari Malta
Lucy Smalley (secretary)
Jonelle Twum (chair)

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Facebook: Skånes konstförening
Instagram: @skaneskonst
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