Thale Vangen and Roger von Reybekiel

11/11 – 11/12 2016


In Roger von Reybekiel’s art everyday objects are changed with simple interventions: with casting techniques, color changes (often with the help of neon colors) and collage methods. Reybekiel work process-oriented, and let small parts together form new entities of a more or less absurd character. The playful and absurd is in Reybekiel’s art is often related to the autobiographical as well popular culture.

At Skånes konstförening Reybekiel will show a series of objects with references both to abstract sculpture and home decor.

Thale Vangen approaches the human relationship to the environment through the tactile and the sensory. The materials often used by Vangen can be referred to as “natural materials”. As is the case at Skånes konstförening, where animal skins and hair are brought together with the help of embroidery. The direct references to animal’s bodies and organic shapes often holds a mythical dimension in Vangen’s art, relating to relics and other sacred objects.

The vernissage is presented with support from ABF.