Stacey de Voe is this year’s recipient of Sven and Ellida Hjort’s exhibition grant

Skånes konstförening is happy to announce that Malmö-based artist Stacey de Voe is this year’s recipient of Sven and Ellida Hjort’s Exhibition Grant! Beyond a stipend of SEK 20 000, the award includes a solo exhibition at Skånes konstförening opening in February 2024.

Jury’s statement
“Stacey de Voe’s intriguing practice interweaves artistic research, historical materials and fictional narratives. Departing from local urban history with its specific locations, she creates a processing of social issues such as gendered labor, capitalism and class politics. With a focus on social practices, she uses imaginaries that are linked to materials to connect with the audience and to add to the local community. We are looking forward to offering de Voe the opportunity to develop this approach in the former textile factory at Bragegatan.”    

About the artist
Stacey de Voe (b. 1988) is Malmö-based artist and organiser, who has studied at Malmö Art Academy, Valand Academy of Art, Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts, and Design, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and Parsons School of Art and Design. De Voe’s practice takes its starting point from an interest in shared moments between cultural, lingual and temporal boundaries and how they relate to identity formation, notions of access, collective memory and the construction of herstory. Her work sews together archival material, personal accounts and fiction as a means to evoke a contemporary awareness and understanding around seemingly fixed moments on our shared timeline. In her often relational process, she employs audio-visual and performative methods in order to stage speculative narratives.

About the stipend
Sven and Ellida Hjorts Exhibition Grant is awarded annually to an emerging artist from Skåne. Hanni Kamaly was the first recipient of the grant in 2017, followed by LealVeileby, Ikram Abdulkadir, Cia Kanthi, Sana Jarrar, and Matilda Tjäder. The awarded artist is chosen by a jury appointed by the board of Skånes konstförening. The 2023 jury consisted of Ellen Bjerborn (Konstfrämjandet), Roxana Kaboli (Form/Design Center), and Janneke Schoene (Skånes konstförening).