PROCESSEN I FOKUS with Carousell

Saturday 12/12, 12-15
We offer soup
Free entrance


We welcome you to a open conversation at Skånes konstförening taking place on saturday the 12th of december, 12-15.
The day starts with soup and a introduction and guide through the exhibition, 12-13. The conversation goes on between 13-15.

Skånes konstförening and the artist collective Carousell host a open collective conversation in relation to the ongoing exhibition with the members and artists of Carousell: Henrik Lund Jørgensen, Marit Lindberg, Kristina Kvalvik and Felice Hapetzeder.

The artists in Carousell gave one another carte blanche to use each others material, thereby investigating what happens when one declines ones own right to decide how the material is used. The material used and shared in the exhibition often has a very personal approach, through the exchange of material the idea of artistic ownership, aura and creative action space is investigated.

Felice Hapetzeder’s material consist of documentation of a meeting with an old family friend who had connections to Nazi Germany. Marit Lindberg’s material moves between personal material from family vacations and formal video art attempts. Kristina Kvalvik used an 8mm camera to record everything surrounding her, with the aim to compile it into a artwork, she was however unable to establish the distance needed to enable this. Henrik Lund Jörgensen did several attempts to start new video art projects after his fathers suicide, however they were always stained in grief.

What parts of the original theme can be recognized in the ready work? And who is the final author of the artwork? With the collective conversation we aim to investigate questions related to this exhibition and the process that prompted it as well as artistic processes in general.


Very welcome!
Carousell / Henrik Lund Jørgensen, Marit Lindberg, Kristina Kvalvik och Felice Hapetzeder