5 March 2019, 6-8.30 pm

Strategies for art without abuse and oppression.
Welcome to Metood‘s event at Skånes Konstförening!

Together we break the silence. Come and join us in envisioning our future non-oppressive art scene without sexual harassment.
Everyone is welcome to attend this event, but this first conversation we host is mostly aimed towards active artists and visionary thoughts.


We want an art world devoid of ethnic profiling. We want an art world that actively works to redistribute the representational burden forced on minorities. An art world that intercepts heteronormativity and actively takes responsibility for the intersection between masculinity and misogyny.
We want an art world where intersectional actions are the norm, where the interrelation between racism and sexism are recognised and interrogated. We want a gender political art world that demands those in power to strip. We want all possible sexes! We want an art world without physical obstacles, where all of our magnificent bodies have a spot, regardless of capacity to be incorporated in the capitalist production system. We want an art world capable of grasping the scope of our (very) different prerequisites and we want to know why the art world is still so miserably class segregated. And we still want to know why a silence culture governed by prestige gets to conquer and meddle with our psyches and bodies.
We believe in change through unity” and hereby would like invite you to an open conversation taking place at Skånes Konstförening in Malmö.


Organised by METOOD with support from ABF and Skånes Konstförening, Statens Konstråd och Malmö Kultur.

#metood is a group of local artists, working to prevent sexual harassment and assault, expose power structures and break down the oppressive culture within the arts. This group is separatistic and open for anyone who identifies as a woman, transgender or non-binary person.

All perspectives and experiences are needed to make groundbreaking changes possible. Together we can set goals and work our way toward a future we want to experience!