the song in my veins
Yasmina Karli Malmsten and Elia diane Fushi Bekene

Artist talk Nov 12, 15.00–16.00

In connection with the exhibition the song in my veins, we will host a conversation between artists Yasmina Karli Malmsten (SE) and Elia diane Fushi Bekene (FR/DE) and curator C. Grace Chang. In this talk, they will discuss their processes, inspirations, and their own thoughts on the themes running through this exhibition


Yasmina Karli Malmsten is an artist based in Malmö, Sweden. She focuses her work on softness and the way the body bends (and how it does not). She is an artist specializing in printmaking, painting, and illustration. Yasmina has previously exhibited at Arkana and Galleri Slätten in Malmö, Galleri Helle Knudsen and Grafiska Sällskapet in Stockholm, the Women’s Studio Workshop in New York, and is slated to exhibit at Gloucestershire Printmaking Cooperative in 2023. In 2019, Yasmina was also the recipient of the Zea May’s Printmaking Fellowship Residency, and she was the 2021 recipient of the Ann-Margret Lindell Stipend. In 2023, Yasmina will complete an artist residency at Kunstkvarteret in Lofoten, Norway.

Elia diane Fushi Bekene is a light-skinned Black trans non binary trauma-informed Care practitioner & artist based in Berlin who works on re-membering embodied experiences of awe, miracles, connection & Care. Their practice focuses on Black interiority, somatic memory & queer intimacies as avenues for creation, connection and healing. Always reflecting on their longing for home and belonging, they create rituals and ceremonies as portals through which displaced people can step into a healing, imaginative space unburdened by colonialism’ many violences. Elia is also the creator of the Ancestral Healing Tarot deck, which reimagines Tarot through the lens of intergenerational trauma and healing.