Odlingsnätverket Seved’s farms
Jespersgatan 2 Malmö

How do urban gardening networks in and outside Sweden relate to questions of organization, social hierarchies and “green gentrification”?

These are some of the questions Odlingsnätverket Seved and other gardening networks in and outside Sweden have reflected on in the short films that will be screened in one of the urban farms in Seved during the Gallery Night.

The film screening during the Gallery Night is a first look at the archive of thoughts and experiances that will continue to grow. It is a first step in a process of making groups and organisation working with urban gardening exchange knowledge and strategies. The film program and archive have been curated by Ulrika Flink, Tensta Konsthall .

Skånes konstförening and Odlingsnätverket Seved initiated a collaboration in the beginning of 2016. A collaboration that is still looking to find its format. Together we are among other things working with an ongoing film program in which we approach questions of urban gardening, food production, and “green gentrification” with different artistic positions and perspectives.