Elena Strempek: Chimaera Class – In Between Multiple Heads

Friday 17/3/2017, 20:00
Saturday 18/3/2017, 20:00
Sunday 19/3/2017, 20:00


The lecture and the meditation class are different pedagogical formats which share the desire of the transformation of the subject. Both could be seen as inadequate, proliferating a high performance culture, boosting the participant’s capability to work – intelligently and efficiently. But can we use them to find a way to perform with our own agency? Following an anarchaeological approach, images from the past will perform on us. We will close our eyes, we will hear many tongues. We might lose our heads, and find others to put on. Likewise: forepart lion, rearpart snake, middle she-goat.

Elena Strempek is an artist and art historian, who works across the disciplines through research-based performance. She currently studies “Critical and Pedagogical Studies” at Malmo Art Academy. Chimaera Class is her graduation project: