Black Sun, White Mountains

May 19–June 18
Opening May 19, 18.00–22.00, inauguration by the curator 19.00

Participating artists Lara Abi Saber, Sosi Chamoun, Aline Deschamps, Perla Elkhoury, Brenda El Rayes, Nour Helou & Afrang Nordlöf Malekian, Renoz, Hoedy Saad

Curator George Chamoun

A poetic video work about the rootlessness of being a war refugee, image collages made from shredded banknotes, and a music video mixing voguing with dabke – these are some of the works in the exhibition Black Sun, White Mountains with nine artists relating to Lebanon and what it is to be, or could be, a young Lebanese today.

The exhibition was first shown at Ateljé SKHLM in Skärholmen in 2022 and is curated and produced by the artist and art educator George Chamoun, who has roots in Lebanon. He sees the exhibition as a collection of works that convey the artists’ feelings and thoughts about the country’s history, present and future.

In recent decades, Lebanon has been characterized by war, economic crisis, corruption and political unrest. This has been made worse by the pandemic, soaring inflation and conflict with the political establishment after the huge explosion in the port of Beirut claimed 200 lives and left 300 000 people homeless in 2020.

At the same time, a young and conscious generation seeking change is growing up and questioning the establishment. They are tired of the political elite’s abuse of power and ignorance, as well as decades of war and generational trauma. The works in the exhibition touch on many of these topics, but also present hope, courage and resistance.

About the curator
George Chamoun is a Stockholm-based curator, art educator, DJ and club organizer. He currently works with pedagogy at Tensta konsthall and is the initiator of the drag festival Stockwig as well as several other queer clubs and platforms. In 2022, he curated the group exhibition The Rose That Grew From Concrete at Botkyrka Konsthall. Chamoun has a BFA in jewelry design from Ädellab at Konstfack, Stockholm.

A special thank you to FOLK in Skärholmen and the Arab Image Foundation.

Photo: Aline Deschamps