Artist talk & collective reading of Waterfall
Wednesday, March 29

Join us for a last event before the closing of Matilda Tjäder’s exhibition spelling the wind without words. For this informal event, the artist will give an introduction to the exhibition – sharing some thoughts, quotes and sounds – as well as host a collective reading of the short fictional piece Waterfall, written by the artist on the occasion of the exhibition.


“Before I arrived, I knew I had left something behind. This sensation grew larger everyday, contributing to a strong sense of dislocation. I felt blindfolded. Or, as if I had signed a contract with my eyes closed; remembering the gesture embodied by this action but having lost the intention of it. At the very same time I felt more grounded than ever before, pulled by strange occurrences such as the mysterious blue light that would appear each evening around midnight. No source, only the sky as a projection canvas. But the short days with natural light turned me into a coffee addict, unable either to nap or properly rest. With a bare gap between myself and the ground I was hovering a few centimeters above it. Not quite landing, not even close to flying. I guess swimming, like a lonesome fish in a tight aquarium, filled with water from morning to night. Everytime I started questioning the meta-level of things I was led into a performative mode of shadowboxing, trapped in a choreography, battling the invisible. Or perhaps I was just sparring with a silhouette of my own projections?”

Design by Anna Sagström