SAKINA Magazine: Winter Issue 2021

We are happy to announce the release of the fourth issue of SAKINA Magazine! Since the beginning of 2020, SAKINA and Skånes konstförening have been collaborating on making publications. It started with the catalogue for Ikram Abdulkadirs exhibition We Will Meet in Paradise and for this issue of SAKINA Magazine, we made an open call where Muslim women world wide could submit their poetry, stories, photography, and art. The submissions and much more are featured in the new issue.

You can read it online at A physical edition will be released soon!


From SAKINA’s Instagram channel:

Meet poet and author Mona Monasour, the face of our latest Winter Issue

Everyday we see and read about creatives stepping up to be the change they want to see in the world so we dedicated a whole issue to highlight the beautiful work from a variety of young creative Muslim women around the world

We’re so excited to be finally sharing this collaborative zine with you (also to mentioned our first bilingual publication)

Inside this issue you’ll read a variety of interviews with ⁣authors, creatives and founders

You’ll also learn more about our journey founding SAKINA. We reflect on the past years working on four publications so far, the challenges that come with creating an independent magazine and the lessons we’ve learned along the way as founders and creatives. ⁣

Thank you to Skånes konstförening and Region Skånes Ung Kraft for supporting this publication and special thank you to all the creatives featured in this issue and trusting us with your work

Creatives featured

Hawwa Alam⁣
Sabren Amin⁣
Fatima Faras ⁣
Niko Erfani ⁣
Fatima Osman ⁣
Fatuma Yussuf⁣
Zafeerah Heesambee ⁣
Nawaal K.⁣
Fatema Abdulkadir Hussein⁣

Authors interviewed

Mona Monasour⁣
Nachla libre⁣
Sara Garib ⁣

Much love,⁣
Naima B & Naima A⁣

Photographed by @ikramianism
Design & edited by Naima Bashir⁣
With support fromRegion Skåne Ung Kraft and Skånes konstförening