Join for our workshops for children and youth!

Together with different collaborators in Seved and the City of Malmö, we will have different activities at this year’s summer square at Sevedsplan.

Sept 16, 13-16 
Together with artist Sahar Al-khateeb, we are making art works with wood and glue. In a second workshop, artists Sara Khayat and Ward Zaraa will create a large painting of the inhabitants of Seved with your help. During this day, you can show your works from the activities in a temporary exhibition in the square.

June 29, 13–16
Workshop with Sahar Al-khateeb and Jo Jampanya

Under hela 2023 presenterar Skånes konstförening pedagogiska aktiviteter tillsammans med bl a Öppna Förskolan Kompassen och på Sevedsplan under skolloven i samarbete med Röda Korset, MKB och Fryshuset.

Throughout the year, we are organising ongoing pedagogical activities (“Barnatelje”) with Öppna Förskolan Kompassen and others as well as during school breaks together with collaborators around Sevedsplan and supported by The City of Malmö/Kulturell allemansrätt på fritiden.