Skånes konstförening @ Supermarket 2010

19/2 – 21/2 2010
Plats: Kulturhuset Stockholm. Entré 100 sek.


Skånes konstförening is one of the largest non commercial, non institutional exhibition spaces in Sweden.

Founded in 1904 we are the oldest artist association and have an ambition to enlighten the art scene in Skåne by providing new experiences for both audience and artists. Our gallery presents about 10 exhibitions each year; from young and upcoming to more established artists.

Skåne’s Scene for Live and Crossover Art is our 250 m2 project space, open for artists and producers to do different projects. More than 30 events ranging from electronic music, performance and theatre, to Bhuto dance, have so far been presented.

At Supermarket we present Haj på hjul by Sofie Grevelius (SE) and  My First Record Label by Christian Blandhoel (NO). His original show consists of more than 45 rebuilt guitars. The visitors at Supermarket are welcome to pick a guitar, enter the stage and start playing!