Practise Practice (Tuesday)


18:00 – 18:30 Experimental Hit & Run (Exploring sound as touch. During 30 minutes each day during exhibition hours the untamable sound moves based on predetermined frameworks. You can arrive, stay as well as move around as you wish.)

19:00 – 21:00 The Antifascists (Screening of the documentary film The Antifascists from 2017 followed by a discussion with the audience. The Antifascists takes us behind the masks of antifascists militant groups in Sweden and Greece. We get to meet key figures that explain their view on their radical politics but also to question the level of their own violence and militancy.)


Dear Visitor,
You are about to encounter the traces of multiple art practices developing in one space. Spatially and temporally, these practices weave in and out of the gallery and each other – experimenting. In this process, countless questions have arisen, but no singular answers. Together we’ve wondered… How do we make collective decisions without consensus becoming an authoritative demand? How do we create space for the many, merging, manifold, and conflicting among us? To what extent do we build theoretical lines within the space and among ourselves? To what extent do we allow our practices to emerge organically?

We, the artists, have chosen to surrender singular authorship to explore an anonymous (or rather multiplicitous) practice and presence in the space. One claimed by many authors, voices, and views. We’ve inhabited the gallery testing ideas and processes, playing with collectivity, meeting each week for dinner, as we’ve worked to navigate the gallery and our practices within it. Thus, you will find practices: pieces and ideas in process, fragments of research and experiments, and temporary structures for discussion and coexistence. Samples, scores, and documents from our time and practices have accumulated in boxes we’ve crafted within the space. These are intended as archive and publication – traces and testimonies of our thinking through the visual.

/ Practise Practice


More information about the collaboration:

For more than a decade, “artistic research” as a concept has been a buzzword in the art world. Doctoral programs have been created and several international conferences and seminars have been conducted to map the terminology and the different positions that artists can take in relation to research-based practice, discussing notions of “artistic knowledge” and “thinking through the visual”.

From October 2017 until February 2018, fifteen master students at Malmö Art Academy have examined the concept of artistic research as part of the course Practise Practice. The students worked with different projects based on their own artistic practices, in collaboration or individually, and while at the same time, they have critically investigated “artistic knowledge” and “artistic research” in a wider sense.

In January the course moved its activities to Skånes konstförening. With the move, “artistic knowledge” and “thinking through the visual” has become situated in the space of Skånes Konstförening, and the participants have made use of the rooms to test different modes of artistic practices.

Practise practice comes to a final during 13th -15th February 2018, where a programme of events is opened to the public. What visitors will find is not an exhibition – rather it is as the students formulate it in their statement: You are about to encounter the traces of multiple art practices developing in one space.


Participating students:

Ursula Beck, Sanna Blennow, Clifford Charles, Marta Gil, Marija Griniuk, Anna Skov Hassing, Rebecka Holmström, Alexandra Hunts, Rannveig Jonsdottir, Cecilia Jonsson, Rune Elkjær Rasmussen, Karoline Sætre, David Torstensson, Aya Maria Urhammer, Nanna Ylönen.