Post-apocalyptic shoe exhibition

Vernisage kl 12.00 Saturday 6/5
Open Saturday 6/5 kl 12-16.00 – Sunday 7/5 kl 13-16.00


What’s on your feet in the post apocalypse spring slush?
In this exhibition we show the post-apocalyptic shoes made during workshops with grade 5 at Kungshögsskolan and Blankebäcksskolan, and year 7 at Sorgenfriskolan.

The workshop with the schools was run by the artists Filippa Pettersson and Nina Jensen in the Post-Apocalyptic Crafts Collection Babels Rehab.

Babels Rehab is a fictional frame crafted by the artist Nina Jensen and used as a basis for the workshop activities. When participants visits Babels Rehab they don’t visit Skånes konstförening but a world after the catastrophe where their own stories ar woven together with all other stories that together form the tale of the post apocalyptic crafts collective Babels Rehab. A mythical collective crafting hope in a broken future.