Oona Libens: Nausea


Oona Libens is the artist director of the performance group Teatro Dondolo – producing a popular shadow documentary about the sea – Nausea. A show of shadows, projections and reflections inspired by phantasmagoria – which is the term for the first so called “movie” screenings, including hand-made, manual and analog effects. The show is performed by two “shadow actors” and is a blur of fantasy and reality with the main character – Elsa Hoffman a scrimp singer.

Nausea has been shown in Norway and Belgium.
The show is in comprehensible English.
The target group is children, young people and curious adults.
Photo: Torben Huss
Duration: 30 min
Free admission

More info about Oona Libens and Teatro Dondolo:


The performance is part of Skånes konstförenings program during Bästa Biennalen together with Det postapokalyptiska hantverkskollektivet Babels Rehab.