Monumental Sound: Gallery Night at Skånes konstförening

Anika Schwarzlose’s Monuments of the future – part I interpreted as installation and live performances by six artists and performers, curated by Olof Werngren:

Musician Mattias Almlund (VED, etc.) and artist Martin Thullin have teamed up and will during the evening present their Innards Sculpture whose internal structure simultaneously will be performed and destroyed.

Writer and composer Moa-Lina Croall together with musician Mika Forsling (Lur, Nuaia, Faela etc.) will build a totem like speaker monument. The two friends have experimented with sounds together for more than 20 years and will perform a new improvisational piece with effects, electronics and small instrument that takes the entire room into possession.

Sound Installation
Artist Sara Wallgren’s sound piece will be utilizing the architecture. The sound propagates through the gallery walls via a resonance speakers which turns the space itself into a loudspeaker. The material is given a body, through invisible digital information – an adaptation of the Higgs particle.

Sound Installation
Composer Charlie Arvidson (Logh, CAN, Arvidson/Friberg etc.) reflects with his ambient orchestral piece upon monumental architecture. Charlie expresses its repression simultaneously as he embraces its magnificence. Pompous and seductive in a grandiose way the music is reminiscent of euphoria as well as disgust.

Curator Olof Werngren.