Momentum Konstskolan Munka at Skånes konstförening
May 3–5 2024
Vernissage: May 2 17.00–20.00

Welcome to Momentum – Konstskolan Munka’s graduation exhibition at Skånes konstförening. 17 students from the second year at the art school present their works in the exhibition.

Upwards, forward, backward, sideways?
Towards art!
People! Remember you are in motion!
If we exist in constant motion, what force put us in motion?
A mechanism that throws one forward?
We exist in constant motion unless a force causes us to change direction or stop.
The fear of momentum, everything keeps moving, changing.
We face setbacks, get stuck and stand still.
Something gives us momentum and we move forward, with the force we are led on.
Is it to be in a momentum?
Final destination?

Participants: Raffay Abrar, Moe Anderson, Cecilia Billqvist, Miranda Blomqvist, Maja Hallström, Alexandra Ingheden, Sandra Jaensson, Julia Johansson, Annika Lindholm, Helena Lindqvist, Nea Naess, Viktoria Ellore Kristensen, Markus Solälv, Julia Stranovska, Mattias Richtr, Pauline Vannmer, Ella Zetterberg

Opening hours
Fri: 13–17
Sat–Sun: 13–16