Performance and concert at the Gallery Night

18.00 – 00.00
Free entrance

The Gallery Night at Skåne Art consist of a performance by Polar Agony Studios as well as a concert by Dror Feiler and is a part of the program during the current exhibition Facts don’t speak for themselves, which is a collaboration with the Museum of Forgetting.



Polar Studios Agony: Trans Exotic Tourettes
Trans Exotic Tourettes is a performance that explores the concept of misunderstanding. How can pop, meudia and and the gaze of the other affect the design of one’s own representation? Through an obsessive collection of pictures, music and a invented language, Transexotic Tourette’s guides us through the schizophrenian side of the search for normality.

Dror Feiler
Dror Feiler is a artist, activist and Israeli- Swedish composer currently represented in the ongoing exhibition Facts do not speak for himself. To the Gallery Night he comes armed with his saxophone to give a unique concert and an exploration of the subversive potential of the saxophone.

Performance – Polar Studios Agony Trans Exotic Tourettes