Frauke: Emerge – MOON

We are happy to announce the Butohdancer and choreographer Cecilia Lundblad aka Frauke visits Skåne Konstförening:

Saturday 13th and Sunday June 14th at. 19:00
Tickets are available at Kulturcentralen 120 kr


Magnificent desolation. A cold light reflects itself at the surface, below – a darkness that preserved its secrets. Emotions locked away for an indefinite time. The sky splits, white lightning cuts loose its grip, falling drops hit the ground. Petals open up in the night to drink. Carried body rests into mists with a roaring and ceaseless down rushing, inside the harbor of the mountain. A form is crystallized and moves to the surface.


The central theme of the performance Emerge is to highlight the difference and relationship between emptiness and emergence – thorough the element of water. The Japanese element mizu (water), represents the formless things in the world, blood and bodily fluids – our mental and emotional tendencies. From the conditions of instability and change a form emerges. The moon’s gravitational force controls the rhythm and cycle of water. It is the middle ground between the light of the sund, the darkness of night and the sphere between the conscious and the unconscious. The dance is performed in water – where the water becomes an extension of the dance.

Butoh: Frauke
Costume: Gerd Karlsson
Light/set: Peter Götzlinger
Sound Composition: Sanjin
Production: Gold Digger Production
Length: 35 min.
Photo: Haruana Kawasanishi