Från Munka till Malmö – Ändlösa fält
The final exhibition of Konst2, from Konstskolan Munka – Munka folkhögskola

May 11 – May 20, 2018
Opening Friday, May 11, 18: 00-21: 00


19:00 Poetry Reading – Alva Ragnarsson, Linnéa Björling
19.30 Palle Ankersen plays – Palle Ankersen

For 10 days, Konstskolan Munka will fill the premises at Bragegatan 15 with artwork from 20 participants who are finishing their last year on the program. The exhibition is the result of a collaboration between Skånes konstförening and Munka folkhögskola, which has been expressed in a number of exhibitions over the years. What’s new this year is that a curatorial team from Skånes konstförening has been present in the process with the students and has been guiding the work with the exhibition together with the teachers at Munka.

Early this spring, the work with the exhibition began with a visit from the participants from Konstskolan Munka at Skånes konstförenings to look at the space, do workshops and to have a first a first review of expectations and interests.

During the spring, a curatorial team from Skånes konstförening has been working with the participants towards a group exhibition. The work has focused on strengthening individual practices and clarifying their strengths by asking questions without giving any clear answers. Rather than responding to a title or theme, students have instead been asked to show what they would prefer to develop into a work ready to meet an audience. The importance has been devoted to demystifying the exhibition process and at the same time contextualizing the presentation of the artwork. What happens when an artwork that has previously only been seen in a studio environment is moved to an exhibition space? Is it perceived differently? What conditions do the work require? And how do you actually decide on a title?

The participants’ work includes everything from digital prints, artist’s books, painting, drawings, ceramic to fabrics, performance and installation. They concern questions about the body and normativity, site and spacial corrections, material studies and personal experiences.


Felicia Alm, Palle Ankersen, Linnéa Björling, Jon Dahlström, Lea Eilers, Noemi Frenk, Agnes Hammander, Yrsa Hedström, Christian Håkansson, Sara Hägertorp, Nina Johansson, Lovisa Ljungberg, Linnea Malmborg, Stina Marntell, Erik Nisbel, Elliot Persson, Alva Ragnarsson, Nikki Rosenberg, Liam Säfström och Alicia Windfeldt.