Finissage: Metalux, Jakob Draminsky


Since the 90s this American duo have created a sound world with home built electronics, synths, guitar, voice and scrap. METALUX are MV Carbon, sound artist and composer who resides in New York and Jenny Gräf recently moved to Copenhagen. Jenny is an audio – video performance artist who previously was part of Baltimore’s arts and music scene. Together they have released 27 releases and has played all over the world. Now for the first time as METALUX in Malmö.


Jakob Draminsky Højmark
Danish composer and instrumentalist Jakob Draminsky Højmark has since 1986 worked in the fields of european improvised music, opera and intermedia in London, Barcelona och Tokyo.
He has received commissions for works for instrumental groups and theatres, as well as grants from various national Danish art foundations. Among his recent collaborators are french composer Pascal Comelade, REAO w/Mark Cunningham and GAT, the danish noise duo Tzarina Q Cut w/Jørgen Teller, Koji Asano and DJ Mousedown.
In the field of opera he has done several collaborations with the danish operagroup Musikteatret Undergrunden and the danish poet Peter Laugesen.