Finissage event!
Film screening of Paria
+ talk by the artists

Sunday November 5, 14:00-16:00
Free admission
This week will be the last chance to see the exhibition I will not be sad in this world by Gylleboverket. Their exhibition at Skånes konstförening is based on the image of life versus life itself and the ability to control it. The exhibition space becomes a temporary room for an exploration of reality through the acted and artificial.
In connection to the final day of the exhibition, there will be a screening of the film Paria by Jona Elfdahl. The film is about Adryan Linden, who is one of the main sources of inspiration for the exhibition.
Length: 30 min
Produced by: Jonas Franksson/Unga Rörelsehindrade.
Participants: Adryan Lindén together with three of his personal assistants.
The film takes place in Adryan’s apartment.