Finissage and artist lecture with LealVeileby


PRATA PRATA – Speak Silver
20 January 2019
Finissage 1-4 p.m.
Artist lecture: 2 p.m. (in English)


Welcome to mingle and to take part in the finissage of PRATA PRATA – SPEAK SILVER (Sven and Ellida Hjorts Grant Exhibition) by LealVeileby.
The artist duo will conclude the show by closing the exhibited boxes and hold a lecture about the artistic research for their upcoming project.


Artist lecture: Stone of Blue – Matter of Tomorrow

In the 1970s professor Robert Page Bennett at the University of California, Berkeley, theorized the possibility of making a solid crystalline material made from photons, a material that he referred to as Photosthene. A preposterous idea at the time as photons, units of light, are massless and traditionally were not thought to be able to interact with one another. Although Bennett’s ideas never gained a foothold within serious academia, the proposed material did capture the imagination of many within the fields of fringe science where it was given the epithet “Stone of Blue”.

But recent science has caught up with Bennett and the Stone of Blue now occupies a fascinating intersection of philosophy, medical science, esoteric beliefs, art and cutting-edge science. From the intertwined history of blue pigments with the practice of alchemy, to the all-pervasive blue light of our technology saturated everyday life, the lecture will take us into the fantastic sci-fi possibilities of photonic matter.