After Work with the Post apocalyptic crafts collective Babels Rehab


Curse the darkness together and make lanterns out of vegetables and trash. Open for all ages.
The bar is open and heartwarming food will be served.


In a world in pieces a group of people gather to form a new society. The group is diverse, consisting of grownups as well as youths and kids. Together they examine the rubbles of our civilization. What is worth to re-create and what can be done better? What do we need? And perhaps the question above all other questions – what do we want when we get the chance to start over?

The group begins to investigate what can be reused, old things and pieces are reviews and given new life. The consumerist society that preceded the current state has left an inexhaustible supply of materials. Together the group are experimenting with different techniques, they carve, throw and find new features to the old things found in the heaps of junk.

They talk about what it was like before, how did the infrastructure work? How did everyone get access to water? How did they make all things and why? How did we live?


Babels Rehab is a fictional frame crafted by the artist Nina Jensen and used as a basis for the workshop activities. When participants visits Babels Rehab they don’t visit Skånes konstförening but a world after the catastrophe where their own stories ar woven together with all other stories that together form the tale of the post apocalyptic crafts collective Babels Rehab. A mythical collective crafting hope in a broken future.