Everyone that has ever participated in an art fair knows how much work it takes, all the logistics and planning nedded and that chaos will still prevail. When the day of the opening draws nearer nothing seems to be where it should. Things break, cords go missing, the painting tape just the same and of course you’ve left the spirit level at home. In other words, you need a little bit of everything. That’s why Skånes konstförening presents Art Ohlson!

Our stand at the fair will consist of  all the equipment possible that our fellow participants might need during the mounting and during the fair; extention cords, light bulbs, clamps, glue sticks, tape, rollers,  paint brushes, spirit level, nails, batteries, pencils, printer, paper, knifes, screwdrivers. Just say what you need!

The Art Ohlson event  is more than just a piece or a presentation of the works of Skånes konstförenings – it is a social and interactive happening to promote the interaction with the other coleagues, the participants and the guests at the art fair.

The Art Ohlson event will follow in the same spirit as Skånes konstförenings participation at Alt_Cph art fair in Copenhagen and also our participation in Supermarket last year.

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Art Ohlson