Cia Kanthi: Dark Light

Cia Kanthi: Flying birds* (2020) / *with Hisham and Mahmoud

Exhibition period To be announced
Curator Tawanda Appiah

Soon, we will open the exhibition Dark Light, with the Malmö-based artist Cia Kanthi. Kanthi is the 2020 recipient of the Sven and Ellida Hjort’s Exhibition Grant, which is awarded each year by Skånes konstförening to en emerging artist based in Skåne.

The jury’s statement:
Cia Kanthi’s work is a rhythmic and meditative exploration of the unseen in society; the invisible but also the purposefully hidden and discarded. Through dexterously weaving together image, motion, technology and sculpture, her work tingles with electricity, immersing the viewer into a full sensory experience. Kanthi’s ability to collapse, reconstruct and merge, makes one feel connected and at times disconnected; reminded of what could have been and what can be.

The stipend jury consisted of Tawanda Appiah (independent curator and writer), Lena Bergendahl (artist and member of Skånes konstförening’s board), Lucy Smalley (artist, pedagogue, and member of Skånes konstförening’s board) and Jonelle Twum (producer and member of Skånes konstförening’s board).

Learn more about Cia Kanthi’s artistic practice and the Dark Light series in this interview between Kanthi and C-Print Journal.

You find more information about the artist and the stipend here!