Skånes konstförening is looking for a new curator!

60% of a full-time position
Time-limited employment, May 1 2023–Dec 31 2025

About the position

Skånes konstförening’s curator position is a time-limited employment of two to three years. Applicants present a curatorial vision that shapes the organization’s artistic direction and main exhibition program in the coming years. The work takes place at Skånes konstförening and begins with four to five months of paid research and establishment on site in Malmö. The curator’s first exhibition opens at the end of September 2023.

In recent years, Skånes konstförening’s identity has been shaped by exhibitions and programs addressing critical issues of our time. The focal point has often been on artistic practices that work with queer, anti-racist and feminist themes. The organization’s new curator works with art at the core, and, in dialogue with our current identity in ways that develop, deepen, and challenge these engagements.

We value working methods characterized by collaboration, solidarity and interest in our audience. The curator works in dialogue with local organizations and initiatives and invites artists from Skåne, Sweden, and abroad. Skånes konstförening is a place with several existing program threads and the curator works in harmony with these to create a strong, shared program. We are a place with broad representation, which characterizes the curator’s choice of artists and collaborators. 

Duties and responsibilities

The curator is responsible for research, planning, and execution of two exhibitions in 2023 and three exhibitions per year in 2024 and 2025 with connected program activities. The curator represents Skånes konstförening externally and participates in relevant network meetings and seminars.

The curator plans and leads the work before exhibitions and during installation in close collaboration with the director, technician and communicator. The curator is responsible for creating material for communications as well as information for the audience.  

Practical and administrative tasks such as purchases, cleaning, and keeping the gallery open on weekdays are shared responsibility between the entire staff. The curator works consciously in relation to the organization’s budget and is encouraged to apply for external funding.

Salary, working hours and presence

The monthly salary for the 60% position is SEK 18,000. We apply solidarity wages where each employees’ salaries are based on a full-time salary of SEK 30,000. Skånes konstförening strives for annual increases in salary and percentage.

Skånes konstförening has flexible working hours. The curator works an average of 24 hours a week, of which at least two working days are in the office. The curator participates in weekly staff and production meetings. Evening and weekend hours occur and the curator is expected to attend openings and events. 

Profile and application

We are looking for an employee with a strong curatorial vision who puts art at the center. Furthermore, we desire an applicant who:

has experience in curatorial work, exhibition production, or creating cultural programs
– has an extensive interest in and knowledge of contemporary art
– has education in art, humanities or similar
– fluent in Swedish or English in speech and writing
– lives or wants to live in Malmö during the employment period

The application must contain a CV and personal letter with a curatorial vision (max 1000 words). In the letter, describe and tell about:

What you want to do at Skånes konstförening during the time period
– Artistic practices that interest you
– The ways in which the program engages in a dialogue with Skånes konstförening’s current identity
– Previous relevant experience of curating or cultural production

Send your application to no later than October 31, 2022. Interviews take place November 14–18. 

If you have any questions, contact Skånes konstförenings director Albin Hillervik:

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