Kommande programpunkter hos oss


Sven and Ellida Hjort’s third grant exhibition at Skånes konstförening

Ikram Abdulkadir has been sharing her pictures on the Instagram account @ikramianism since 2017. Now for the first time, she is presenting her work in a solo exhibition. We Will Meet Again in Paradise is a photographic series produced specifically for this occasion. Friendship and sisterhood are at the core of Abdulkadir’s art practice – a sense of belonging forged through the experience of being a young black Muslim woman. Her use of composition, color and light foregrounds the wisdom and strength of those she portrays. With We Meet Again in Paradise, Abdulkadir makes a subtle tribute to her ancestors while celebrating the beauty of her loved ones. In this way she inscribes herself in a history of collective resistance: an act of self-affirmation where young Muslims are depicted on their own terms.

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