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Mandhla Ndubiwa: Izifundo Zikababa

Exhibition period extended until May 10!

Born in Zimbabwe but currently based in Berlin and Cologne, Mandhla blends experimental R&B and Soul music with visual projections and performance. As a political and social activist, she is a part of the BI*PoC collective, DEMASK, which aims to create safer spaces for QT (Queer, Trans) BI*PoC in Cologne and the surrounding areas.

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Interview with Mandhla Ndubiwa

This short video was filmed with artist Mandhla Ndubiwa in March 2020 at Skånes konstförening, Malmö. While preparing for the opening of Ndubiwa’s exhibition Izifundo Zikababa (March 13 – May 10), curator C. Grace Chang talked with her about this exhibition, her latest residency in Berlin, and her artistic practice.

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