Reconstruction – Norbert Costin & Marika Troili

The exhibition Reconstruction explore our preconceptions and expectations of transparency and is as much about what is visible as what is not. The word transparency is a junction of the Latin words trans and parere. Trans means “on the other side of” and parere means to “consider, act or appear”. The roots of transparency lead us to medieval scholastic theology and describes the visual or aesthetic characteristics of eternal souls. The manifestations of a blessed clarity or translucent remained in the early and later modern Europe. It has played an important role in the construction of a (dream)state of total individual and social visibility. We find traces of this dream of total transparency in today’s debates on surveillance and privacy, but also in the demand for transparency in politics and business. The “good company” is transparent and has nothing to hide. The good citizen illuminates its body and its actions by its own will.

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Still from When the inland ice pulled back from Sweden, the grain migrated from the north by Ingela Ihrman (2o15) SHORTS […]

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